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An unplanned pregnancy will change your life forever, no matter what you choose to do. How it changes your life is up to you. Pregnant women who choose adoption do so for many different reasons. Primarily, parents who make the choice of adoption want to provide their child with the best possible life.

Many women do not feel "ready" to parent and they must make a difficult decision. Adoption offers them an option to choose parents who are "ready." If you decide that adoption is the right option for you and your child, you can begin the process during your pregnancy, which may provide a sense of security at the time the child is born.

Adoption is not an easy decision to make. You may experience many mixed and confusing emotions. We understand that this is not always an easy decision and that your feelings will not just go away after your child is born. Sharing your feelings with others will help. An experienced Morning Star Adoption Center caseworker will provide support and help you to cope with these feelings. We are available to personally meet with you - either at your home, at a neutral location, or in our office - regularly and at your convenience. Our goal is to assist you during this stressful time of your life and with making a sound plan for you and your child.

When considering adoption, your caseworker will assist you with:
Services are also offered to the child's father, and can be provided separately from you. If the father is not active in the planning for the child, we will complete the necessary legal processing, so that you may proceed with the adoption plan.
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If you are pregnant and would like to speak to a staff member, you may text to 248-921-4769.