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Morning Star Adoption Center will help you find the family you feel is right for your child. We encourage you to participate in the choosing of a family to parent your child. We have many loving and caring families waiting to adopt. All of our waiting families are carefully screened and home study approved. You may direct the decision by determining what family characteristics are most important to you. Things you may want to consider are:

The type of family characteristics you wish your child to grow up with (for example: a family presently with/without children, religion, work, hobbies, degree of openness). We have many families open to adopting children from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
The type of contact with the adoptive family you would like during your pregnancy and after the child is placed into their home (for example: no contact, pictures and letters, phone calls, or visits).

To help you “meet” potential families, you may:

Morning Star Adoption Center has many profiles written by families hoping to adopt. You may see some of MSAC's waiting families on this web site, yet there are many more profiles of families available through the MSAC office. A profile is a letter of introduction, including photos, written by the families who wish to adopt and have had a home study completed, which approves them to adopt. We would be happy to meet with you and provide profiles of those families who meet your criteria.
Meet prospective families. This can be a wonderful way to learn more about a family that you are considering. This will help you to begin forming a lifelong relationship with the family you chose.

If you know someone interested in adopting your child, this is okay too! Morning Star Adoption Center is happy to work with any family that you choose. The family must complete a home study prior to the child being placed in their home, so have them contact us once you have determined they are the right family for you.
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