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When you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, please consider the following...
Am I prepared to be committed to them and to put their needs first?

Am I prepared to love them unconditionally?

Do I have the ability to provide them with adequate food, clothing, housing, education, and medical care?

Do I have a safe environment - both at home and in the world - in which they will grow?

Do I have access to good child care, for when I am at work, school, or away from home?

Am I prepared to provide them with moral and ethical guidance?

Do I feel prepared to provide them with the time and attention they deserve and require?

Do I have the patience and a support system to help me be a good parent when things get tough?

How will this decision affect my other children?

Can I provide this child with the kind of life that I want him/her to have?
Those who consider placing their child(ren) for adoption do so because they believe they can provide all of these basic needs to their children by providing them with a family that is more able and ready to parent then they are at this time in their life. While a difficult choice, it is truly an act of love for a parent to make this choice. Morning Star Adoption Center is available to assist you with all that you may wish to consider as you make this difficult decision for you and your child(ren).
Do I feel ready and able to parent this child?
Do I have a safe and appropriate living situation to make a home for this child?
Am I prepared to sacrifice my personal time by putting the needs of my child(ren) first?
Do I have goals that will be difficult to accomplish because I am choosing to parent?

How will this impact my relationship with the baby's father?
Will the father be supportive of my decision or will he be upset?
How will I afford and arrange for medical care during my pregnancy?
Do I have medical insurance? Will I need to apply for Medicaid/state assistance?
How will I tell my family about my pregnancy and my decision?
How will I deal with their reaction to this?
Can I live with the decision that I am about to make, today and in the future?
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