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It is important to take good care of yourself and your unborn baby during your pregnancy. We value you as a person and are committed to helping you stay healthy - both emotionally and physically. Morning Star will assist you with finding good medical attention for your prenatal care, delivery and post partum care. If you do not have health insurance, Morning Star Adoption Center will assist you with how to apply for Medicaid or any other forms of assistance you may be eligible for. If you need assistance with transportation to your appointments, Morning Star Adoption Center will work with you to find a user-friendly and affordable method of transportation.
Medical Care
Education About Adoption
A well made plan begins with a sound understanding of the process and the options available. Morning Star Adoption Center staff members are prepared to thoroughly educate you to help you formulate the best plan for you and your child. We will support whatever decisions you make regarding your future plan for your child. 
In addition to your physical well-being, Morning Star is committed to emotional health. Morning Star Adoption Center offers free and confidential pregnancy counseling, support, and education. We are available to personally meet with you - either at your home, at a neutral location, or in our office - regularly and at your convenience. Our goal is to assist you during this difficult time in your life.
Waiting Families
Post Placement Support and Communication
After the child is placed in their adoptive home, the emotions and commitment between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parents continues. Morning Star Adoption Center remains available to all members of the adoption triad for the support and counseling that may be needed. The child will be supervised for the first three to six months after placement in their new home. The birth parents will be provided with the support and counseling they need, for as long as needed. If helpful, other birth parents are willing to talk and/or meet with you to share their experience and offer you comfort and support.

Prior to placing the child, Morning Star Adoption Center will assist with the development of a communication plan for after placement, such as letters, pictures, phone calls and/or visits. Morning Star Adoption Center will assist with the administering of the plans for the on-going communication, if needed.
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