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.... began working for Morning Star in 1997. After taking some time off when her children were born, she returned to Morning Star as a contract worker and in 2011 she began working full time in the Morning Star office. Debra has a social work degree from Grand Valley State University and is still a West Michigan girl at heart. She has worked with adoptive families for many years and looks forward to many more. Debra is married has two children who keep her busy and in her spare time enjoys Jazzercise, reading, spending time with her family and friends, sunshine, and vacations anywhere.

Debra’s favorite quote is: “When faced with the unknown, hope is just as reasonable as despair.”
Debra Bremer-Leone, Adoption Supervisor
.... attended Ferris State University, earning an Associate Degree in Child Development and a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. Mary Jo began working for Friend of the Court in Saginaw after she graduated from Ferris State and later moved to the Detroit area to work for the Oakland County Department of Human Services in the Children's Services Unit. Mary Jo began her MSAC career as a contract worker and joined the office staff in 2015. Mary Jo is married with two sons. When she is not at track meets or basketball games, she likes to read, and walk her American bulldog. She also likes to run, but is a fair weather jogger. As soon as the weather gets cold, she hits the exercise bike.

Mary Jo's favorite quote is: "You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough."
Mary Jo Wisneski, Director
Located in Michigan
... has her Bachelor degree in human services with a minor in psychology from Oakland University. Karyn has worked in children's foster care, adoption, and in an outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic. She enjoys working closely with parents making adoption plans and providing them support during their journey. Karyn is married with four children. She enjoys spending time with her family, movie nights, and going to her kids' sporting events. She also enjoys attending concerts, professional sporting events, and being outdoors.

Karyn's favorite quote is "It is what it is."
Karyn Lukowski, Adoption Supervisor/Birth Parent Coordinator