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Morning Star Adoption Center is able to conduct all of the legal processing that is necessary to properly
complete an adoption. If you would like to meet with an attorney, a knowledgeable adoption attorney will
be arranged for you.

The legal processing cannot begin until the child is born. At that time, Morning Star Adoption Center will assist you with placing the child into the home of the adoptive family, filing the proper documents with the courts, and will assist you with the rest of the legal process. If the father is not available to participate in the legal process, Morning Star Adoption Center will assist with the proper legal processing for the termination of his parental rights.
   In Michigan, it is legally allowable for potential adoptive parents to assist a pregnant woman planning adoption with reasonable and necessary daily living expenses. These expenses are discussed with an adoption professional to determine if they are appropriate and ultimately approved by the court. Your individual circumstances will be considered before any approval for assistance can be made.

   There are no fees charged to birth parents for services from Morning Star Adoption Center.
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