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We feel adoption is one of the most unselfish acts you will ever consider. Thank you for taking the time to explore this option. Whether you are considering adoption for an unborn child or a child you are parenting, we are here to support you regardless of your decision.

Prospective adoptive parents undergo an assessment prior to being approved to adopt a child. They have shown they are able to provide a loving, safe and financially secure home for a child. Once the home study is completed, the families are hoping to connect with a parent placing a child for adoption and frequently match well before a child is born. We support our parents selecting the adoptive family for their child.

Families offer their individuality, beliefs, and personal styles to their family and while they are all wonderful people, only certain families will feel "just right" to the placing parent. Here are some of the families Morning Star has approved to adopt and a brief introduction to each of them. Other families are also available by contacting us. We have families open to adopting every culture. Each family has written a more extensive introduction, which is available through our office. We are able to help you find a family based on whatever criteria is important to you.
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