Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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We are Dave and Janice. We believe the decision of Adoption, for both the Expecting Parent(s) and the adoptive family, is made out of compassionate love for children. Janice was adopted as an infant, as were her two older brothers and is forever grateful to her Birth Parents for making this same decision.
We’re a married couple and are truly best friends. Our personalities complement one another very well with our warm sense of humor and good nature. We share the same core values, a zeal for life and love the outdoors. Bike riding, skiing, camping and traveling to wherever there is water, that’s how we enjoy spending our recreational time together.

Dave has three wonderful adult children and they are now all living on their own. We had tried to have children together and found we’re unable to. Adoption has always been a consideration for us in growing our family and is already a part of our extended family, many of our close friends and neighbors. We are now overjoyed to grow our family through adoption.

We cultivate a stable home environment and live in a very family-friendly community with a great school system. We enjoy various outdoor activities together, with our family, friends or just sitting around our backyard fire pit. We love walking our sweet golden retriever “Soda”, going to the beach and getting some ice cream at the local ice cream shop. Our holiday celebrations are together with family and extended family members creating a lifetime of special memories.

We are loving and outgoing people who are committed to family life. The home our children are raised in will be a Christian one filled with patience, grace and unconditional love. As we grow our family through adoption, our children will understand from an early age the incredible timing of the loving decision made regarding their future and the incredible timing of our loving decision of their adoption.

We know this decision takes strength and will be an everlasting gift you have passed along to your child. Although we cannot imagine all of the emotions that you are experiencing right now, we would love the opportunity to answer your questions or meet with you so that we can learn more about each other.
Dave & Janice
Located in Michigan