Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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You rock. We're not just saying that. We know this because neither of Steven's aunts could have children, so all of his cousins are adopted. For more than 30 years, then, we've known and loved adopted kids in our families - and been constantly grateful that the birth moms made the brave decision to give their babies a better life. It's such a difficult choice, but also one of the most amazing gifts any human can give to another.

So, who are we? Well, Steven is a prominent journalist who works from home for dozens of major publications. Miles used to run a TV news station but decided he would rather get a degree in African-American Studies, so he's at the University of Michigan making a dramatic and wonderful mid-life career change. When he's finished, he'll be a teacher. We live with Miles' aunt, an elderly woman with some mobility issues but who will always be around and available for our baby. Oh! And we have a very cute doggie, too.

We've wanted children since we met back in 2004. It was a first-date, make-or-break question for both of us. We're legally married, we own our own home with a fantastic room waiting for a child and a basement with a pool table and lots of space for toys and crazy fun.

As journalists, we've traveled all over the world, and we want to bring our children that kind of life. Together we've been to England, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Palestine, Canada and Turkey. We love cold-weather fun - snow-machining, snowball fights, hot cocoa by cozy fires. We read a lot and visit our families a lot. Steven's mom lives in Florida and his three sisters live in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. (His dad passed away this year.) Miles' dad lives in Atlanta and his sister lives in California. (His mom passed away in 2014.)

Everyone is very eager to see us expand our family. We hope you'll give us a chance to show you what fun, sincere and loving parents we'll be.

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