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Adoption......a loving choice
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Becky & Scottie
Located in Michigan
Hello and welcome to an introduction to us: Becky and Scottie!

Our hope is just to make you smile while getting a snapshot into who we are and inspire a warmth to your heart from ours.
Some may refer to us as Biscotti or Toot and Scoot but really we're just two people who have a strong and loyal passion for each other, family, friends and living life to the best of our ability.

We are the story of friends that dated later in life, yada yada yada…yet you could sum it up as we never broke our initial bond, that once started, we found a way to flourish and reap the benefits of it's growth to a marriage.

Our family is defined by passion for the above and passion for where we came from. Our combined, extended families give us laughs, tears and so much joy that we want to share it with a child who can also benefit on their journey through life the way we have.

We don't change jobs or friends…we stay with it all through thick and thin and that creates a sense of strength and courage we can also provide to your child. For us it's always been about the "how" instead of the "why'' and influencing the circumstance to gain that strength that gives a smile each day and moves us forward.

We like to take it easy: movie nights, dog walks, cooking. We also like to play: sports and events, concerts, vacations. We both agree the best parts of each day are waking up with and coming home to each other, our dogs, and our house that we flipped ourselves. It's all about the foundation we laid in our family; whether it's a family of us and our little dogs or the family that will also be with a child one day.