Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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Julie & John
Located in Michigan

We cannot begin to understand what it feels like to be in your shoes. However, we do know that
you are strong and courageous for making an adoption plan for your child. We want to thank you
for taking the time to get to know us and learn about our story.

We met in 2004 while working out at the gym and immediately became great friends. We were
married in 2007, and were blessed with a biological child named Chloe in 2011. We always knew
that we wanted more children but after learning that was not in God's plan for us, we knew that
adoption would be a wonderful way to expand our family. We are both close with our families and
feel that it is very important for Chloe to have a sibling to grow and play with. John has a
younger sister, and Julie has a younger brother, and we have a close relationship with them as
well. Since we live nearby to all of our extended family, we get to see them often and Chloe
knows them well. She is super excited to be expanding our family and is looking forward to be a
helper with her new brother or sister.

We like to spend our free time being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Through
the year, you might find us on our boat, at the beach, playing in the leaves, or making snow
angels. We like going to local events like festivals, open house at the Fire Department, and plays.
Dinner around the family table is a must, catching up on each others day and sharing stories.
Our friendly basset hound Lilly is always close by as well.

John works as a self-employed licensed builder and has a passion for the finished project. Julie
works as a tax account clerk in the Treasurer's department for a local muncipality and also
maintains the books for John's business. She is very organized and keeps the family on track
with where they need to be each day. John is patient and relaxed and is extremely compassionate
to those who are less fortunate. Julie is warm and caring but a bit more adventurous, loves to ride
roller coasters front car-hands up, and will usually try anything active at least once.

This is a small glimpse into our lives and we have so much more to share with you. We look
forward to meeting you and hope to talk to you soon!
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