Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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Maggie & Jerry
Located in Michigan

We thank you, before saying anything else, we thank you. Itís tough to put into words or describe our gratitude for your incredible decision. We can only share with you that we care deeply, about not only what is best for your child but also what it means for you to have the right to choose.

We met in the winter on 2005 and knew that we would be best friends for life. Never thinking that all these years later we would be happily married. We are surrounded by our beautiful families (with lots of nieces and nephews) as well as close knit friends. We enjoy simple things like making dinner together, the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and overall just being together. We also love to travel and experience culture and are eager to share that with a child. We are pretty geeky when it comes one another, maybe we are just goofy and romantic, or maybe itís just that we feel so unbelievably lucky to have found one another. Either way we look forward to extending the same joy and appreciation with a child.

Our plan for me, is to be a stay at home mom. I am lucky enough to be a small business owner who works from home. Jerry is in the Golf industry; we are fortunate that he is able to work from home in the winter months (itís like a vacation every year). If we are chosen, we look forward to raising your child in a similar upbringing to ours. Kind, nurturing, loving and safe. We will choose to be open with the child about his or her adoption when we feel the best time has come. We look forward to starting this next chapter of our lives and are honored to be considered.

Once again we thank you for your bravery, your child will be loved.
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