Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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We want to start by thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read about us. By even considering adoption, it conveys to us that through incredible courage and selflessness you are willing to put a childís needs first. We can ensure you we feel the exact same way and want nothing more than to raise a happy, loving and strong family.

We met almost a decade ago in Paris, France. Sandra was there on vacation and Olivier was living between Paris and the southwest of France where his 3 children resided. When we met we could not deny our intense, almost immediate love for one another. After a 4 month intercontinental courtship, Sandra left her position as a producer of childrenís television in NYC and joined Olivier in France to start a magical adventure together which included Olivierís 3 children and soon enough a couple of amazing hounds!

After 4 years in France, in 2012, Sandra had a strong yearning to return home to Michigan to her family and finally pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse. So we decided as a family to start a new life in the United States. Olivier makes a good living as an IT consultant and Sandra is currently working as an Emergency Room Nurse at a bustling hospital in Detroit. Olivierís teenage daughters live with Sandra and Olivier and attend Public High School returning to France in the summer to visit with family. Olivierís adult son, Aurelien now owns his own home in the same city as ours and works fulltime as a builder. We enjoy traveling locally in Michigan and try and spend as much time as possible near water and seize any opportunity to journey up north. We equally enjoy visiting friends around the United States and try to go somewhere warm, like Florida, during the winter months. We try to get back to France at least once a year to visit family. We love hosting dinner parties and backyard BBQ and generally host either Thanksgiving or Christmas at our home with Sandraís entire family.
As much as we love hosting, we also relish our time together lounging on the couch as a family watching a movie. When not spending time with his girls and Sandra, Olivier can be found with his son attending to home improvement projects. Olivier also enjoys biking, kayaking and cooking. Sandra loves baking, reading, doing yoga, shopping with the girls and spending as much time as possible on long walks with her dogs.
Pursuing adoption has been a heart opening experience for us all. We are excited to know there is a child out there waiting for us to love and welcome into our home. We are grateful you have taken the time to read a little bit about our family. In regards to adoption, we are interested in any kind of openess that is comfortable for you.
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