Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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Danielle & Rick
Located in Michigan

Hello-Our names are Rick and Danielle! We are so thankful you have taken the time to get to know us a little. Before we tell you more about us, we first want to
thank you for your consideration to be potential adoptive parents for your child. We, truly, admire your strength and courage.

We grew up in the same town, starting dating in high school and got married shortly after college. Our marriage continues to be strong, full of joy and adventure. We are also blessed to have a loving and supportive family, church family, and friends surrounding us.

We have always had a heart for adoption, discussing it before marriage, and have the privilege of rising our young daughter through the gift of adoption. Our family is transracial and we couldn't be more grateful for how God has chosen to grow our family. We believe parenting is a life-long journey and we continue to learn and grow.

As a family our favorite thing to do is be together! We love walks and playing outside, dance parties, reading, crafts, cooking, fun trips, and being silly together. We also love spending time with friends and extended family. We believe our kid(s) should explore, play, and discover new things all while learning to love, forgive, be kind, and know they are beautiful, inside and out. We find it a joy to instill these values into our child(ren).
Rick is a youth pastor at a church near our home. He is funny, kind, and a great thinker. Our church is not only a job, but a second family and great support system. Rick loves sports, grilling, riding his bike, and watching new movies. Danielle is a part-time school social worker. She is caring, helpful, and fun-loving. She enjoys reading, gardening, and crafts. Our daughter is equal parts kind, fun, smart, and beautiful. She loves to read, dance, color, and playdates with her friends. She is a joy and a gift we cherish daily. We also have a sweet, gentle, and lazy dog who loves our daughter as much as he does us!

In our home adoption is openly talked about and celebrated. We also continue to incorporate our daughter's heritage into our life in many ways. We currently have an open adoption and, if you choose, we would love to discuss that.

 We hope this brief snapshot into our life and heart was helpful. We already admire you so much for choosing life and respect your decision. We know we can continue to honor your decision by providing a home for your child. If you would like more information about us please contact Morning Star Adoption Center.

Thanks again!
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