Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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Tara & Nick
Located in Michigan

Hello! We are Tara and Nick. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We are incredibly excited to become parents and create a family filled with unconditional love and happiness. We’ve been married for 4 years and together for 14 years. We met in college and are grateful that we came into each other lives at such a young age. We have had years to grow together, to explore the world together, and to support and to love one another.

Nick is an accountant at a large accounting firm and Tara is a school social worker at a district near our home. In our free time, we enjoy taking our dog Oliver for walks around our neighborhood, riding bikes, cooking, traveling and gardening. We also enjoy just spending time together and acting like goofs.

We both come from loving families. Nick has a younger brother and a younger sister, and Tara has an older brother. Our parents both live within thirty minutes of our home, so we frequently spend time together; celebrating holidays, birthdays or just hanging out. They are all extremely excited to take on their new roles as aunts/uncles and grandparents.

We have known we wanted to be parents for a long time. After finding out that we could not conceive, the decision to adopt came naturally to us. We are ready to grow our family and are excited and committed to do so through adoption. We are eager to open our life, our home, and our love to a child.

Please know that you will be celebrated in our home. Your child will be proud of the unique way they came into our lives and will know they came from the most loving person we could ever imagine. We will honor and respect your wishes regarding the level of openness.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We appreciate your consideration and wish you only the best. If you have questions for us or are considering us for adoption, please contact Morning Star.
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