Adoption......a loving choice
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Adoption......a loving choice
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Christy & Dominic
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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Dominic and Christy and we can’t wait to start a family! Adoption has been a part of our plan from the very beginning. Dominic became a big brother to his adopted sister Anna when he was seven years old, and Christy decided to grow her future family through adoption before she reached middle school. We honor the complicated feelings that come when expectant parents make such a difficult choice, as we have friends who placed their children for adoption and needed to know that their baby would forever be safe and loved. While we hope for an open adoption, we will always respect your wishes at whatever level is most comfortable for you.

Our love story started sixteen years ago. We met at freshman orientation at the University of Michigan, two passionate, ambitious kids going through challenging times, who each needed the support of someone special. While Dominic was smitten right away by Christy’s compassion, intelligence, and charm, Christy thought Dominic was really nerdy. She was right, of course -- but she soon came to see his brilliance, empathy, and gentle nature and fell head over heels in love. We recently celebrated eleven years of marriage, years filled with college degrees, out of state graduate school, and growing in who we are as a couple.

Christy is creative, passionate, deeply in touch with others’ emotions, and writes constantly – whether it be a grant for her career at the local domestic violence and sexual assault shelter, or science fiction romance for her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Dominic is her sensible, straight-laced complement, always calm and reasonable, reliable, and fiercely loyal, both in his personal life and in his professional life as a child psychologist. Together we balance one another so beautifully that even the most mundane tasks can become fun. Even sixteen years later, we still spend hours talking long into the night, about virtually anything: news and politics, super heroes, or ‘’What was it like for the first monkey in space?”

We are so excited to share the love in this house with a child. The values we seek to plant and nourish are compassion, curiosity, wonder, learning, humor, and service to others. We will instill these values through example and with the assistance of a large support network of friends and family who are eager to become a part of our future child’s life. And should you choose to place your baby with our family, you will always be a welcome part of that family.

Again, we honor your experience and your wisdom to make the right decision for your child. We thank you for your consideration in helping us make our family a reality.
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