Alec & Kevin

Nov 20, 2023

Hello! We are Alec and Kevin, and we’re excited to share our story with you. Our journey is one of love, shared dreams, and a deep commitment to family, which we are eager to expand through adoption.

Family is the cornerstone of our lives. Alec was raised in a nurturing environment by his mom, Jill, and his late father, John, with his sister Grace and recently her husband Shaun adding to the familial warmth. As a teenager, his family grew to include his stepfather, Mark, who brought additional love and support. Kevin’s upbringing, under the guidance of his mother, Sirri, and father, Ted, was equally filled with care and strong values. His older brothers, Craig and Brian, played a significant role in shaping his life.

Our educational journeys reflect our diverse interests. Alec attended Eastern Michigan University, majoring in Hospitality Management, where he found his calling and made lifelong friends through various activities. Kevin’s path led him to Central Michigan University, where he studied Theatre Technology, enjoyed being part of the Marching Chips, and broadened his perspective through a study abroad experience in Europe.

Professionally, we have both found success and fulfillment. Alec began his career as an Accounting Manager in Toledo. Meanwhile, Kevin’s professional journey in event production took him to Las Vegas but came back to Detroit, where he now works as a Facilities Manager for a professional sports team. Our paths crossed when we met online, a modern twist of fate that led to a deep connection and eventually, marriage.

At home, we balance each other’s interests and passions. Alec, the culinary enthusiast, loves planning our travel adventures and exploring new breweries, while Kevin’s love for Broadway and sports adds a unique flavor to our life. Our basset hound, Winona, is our bundle of joy, always ready to lift our spirits with her wagging tail and affectionate nature.

Travel is a significant aspect of our life together. Our honeymoon adventure in Australia and New Zealand was just the beginning of our explorations. We dream of discovering Alaska’s natural beauty, delving into Europe’s rich history and culture, and perhaps experiencing the majestic Norwegian Fjords on a cruise. Sharing these adventures with a child is a prospect that fills us with immense joy.

Our journey to adoption is one of open hearts and a deep desire to provide a loving and supportive home. We envision a future where we can nurture a child’s growth and encourage them to be their true self. The day we meet the incredible birth mother who will help complete our family is one we await with great anticipation and hope.

In summary, we are a down-to-earth couple with a zest for life and a strong foundation in our shared values. We are excited about the future and the opportunity to share our love, adventures, and experiences with a child. To follow our journey, visit us at and on Instagram @alecandkevinadopt.