Alex and Andy – ON HOLD

May 19, 2022


We are Alex and Andy, a tiny family excitedly waiting to grow! We are a couple that loves dancing in the kitchen, singing loudly in the car on road trips, and spending time with the people we love. As a couple, we’re known for being genuine, laid-back, and open-minded. We’re the type of family that makes a mess, makes mistakes, and learns together all while laughing and loving each other unconditionally.

​Alex is an Infant Mental Health Therapist supporting expecting and new parents and their little ones. After work, you can find Alex reading, baking, or crafting. Andy works in a research lab where he creates and studies materials for batteries. In his free time, Andy enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing games. As a couple, we love playing with our two dogs (Saydee and Lucy) and two cats (Theo and Stevie), having game nights, and going for walks. On weekends we like to head up north to spend time with our family and friends whenever possible. No matter what it is, we always like to have fun and laugh together.

Family is an important part of both of our lives, as we both have large close-knit families. Family is such a complex word filled with a different meaning for every individual. We hope “family” to our child will mean the village of people who share love for them including our unconditional love, the immense love you share, as well as the love from all those who support and surround us. We can’t know what you are going through, but we can offer our support in whatever way you are comfortable with.

Raising a child isn’t easy and we surely don’t expect it to be. But we can promise a home full of laughs, tears, messes, mistakes, and love. We don’t expect perfect countertops and spotless cars, but we know memories will be made with toys scattered around the house and marks on the doorframe with their height.
As you make this difficult decision, we want you to know we appreciate you taking the time to find out a little about us! This profile can only provide a snapshot of our lives, so we hope to be able to learn more about each other’s expectations and lives in the future!

Alex and Andy