DJ & Katie

May 19, 2022


We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents to your child. We recognize the courage,
strength, and love you have for your child to make an adoption plan, and we are so grateful for your

We met 15 years ago at college (Fire Up Chips!) and have been inseparable ever since. DJ is a user
interface analyst for a large automotive company. He is an avid reader and is always striving to learn
more. DJ has an outgoing personality and can get along with anyone. Katie is a geologist at an
environmental consulting company. She has an extreme love of nature and enjoys exploring the woods
and tending to her garden. Katie is a very compassionate and open-minded person.

Together, we love to camp and hike throughout Michigan. When at home, we enjoy hiking nearby state
land, spending time on the water, and exploring our new farm with our dog, Koda. We are also both
extremely family oriented and spend a lot of time with our immediate family having big family-style
meals and game nights.

We are so excited to welcome a child into our lives, and promise to love them unconditionally, work
hard to make their dreams come true, and support them in all that they do.
Please contact Morning Star Adoption Center to learn more about us.


DJ and Katie