Josh & Philip

Sep 26, 2023

Hi! We are Josh, Philip, and our son, Oliver! 

Being fathers is something we both have dreamed about since childhood.

We want our children to grow up in a secure and loving environment, surrounded by a big community of friends and family- and to have the confidence and self-esteem to pursue their wildest dreams. In 2021, we adopted our son, Oliver, and are now looking to grow our family. Both of us have full hearts ready to love another child unconditionally and support them for the rest of their lives.

Josh is a high school teacher and an American Sign Language Interpreter. Philip is a Materials Engineer in the automotive industry, helping make vehicles more sustainable. Josh loves to bake, garden, and travel. Philip enjoys the outdoors, exercising, and making homemade pasta.

As a family, we love to visit with friends and loved ones. Josh has a large extended family and Philip has a small tight-knit extended family. We celebrate many holidays together and our families make sure everyone is well taken care of. Our friends make up a large circle of individuals who are diverse, caring, and considerate. We have many friends with children, and we value them like our own. We love to visit, cook, and sing songs together! We enjoy hosting dinner parties for family and friends, and have a large backyard, nature trail, school, and park nearby!

Thank you for learning about us and we hope to meet you soon!


-Josh, Philip, and Oliver