Ki’ara & De’Angelo

May 31, 2024

We would first like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and we appreciate your interest in learning more about us.

What began as childhood sweethearts has evolved into over 20 years of friendship, nearly the last five years of marriage, and has led us towards fulfilling our desire to expand our family through adoption. Instinctual caregivers, we often share our life with our five godchildren, who visit regularly, a host of youth that we coach and mentor, our two very affectionate fur babies Leo and Bailey, and a multitude of family and friends that are all very excited and eager for us to welcome a new addition into our home that will be loved immensely.

We look forward to making core memories, providing unconditional love and guidance yet granting them the space to grow. While we know there is no blueprint for parenting, we plan to always honor their past for it is important to us that they know their story and to ensure that they always feel loved, respected, heard, and supported.

Though, we are extremely excited to take the next steps in our journey towards adoption. We are fond believers in divine timing and we trust that our path will align with that of an expectant parent(s) who will feel some assurance knowing that we are ‘who’ they are hoping to find. Rest assured, we know this decision is not easy and though we can only imagine how difficult it may be, we pray for unwavering peace and comfort as you navigate your journey.

We are hopeful that you would like to know more about us. We want to welcome any questions that you may have.