Patrick & Molly

Jun 22, 2024

Hi!  We are Patrick and Molly.  We are very excited to be on this adoptive journey and are very thankful for the opportunity to be considered to become adoptive parents for your child. Being a parent to us means we will be responsible for helping a child learn about the world and teach a child to grow into an adult that has a good moral compass and strong sense of self. We have had the benefit of learning how to be parents through great examples of our grandparents, parents and siblings and even got some real-life practice from being an aunt and uncle.

Patrick works in information technology as a security and systems administrator. When he is not researching the latest software or repairing servers, you can find him golfing or reviewing his collection of comic books. Molly is a chief financial officer. Her interests include hiking and finding new recipes to experiment with. We both love traveling and hiking. We are both swimmers as well so will sometimes go lap swimming though our love for water also means you will find us at the beach most of the summer! Besides that we are enthusiastic fans of our various nieces and nephews – track meets, football games, band concerts, or plays – we love it! We are very thankful to have close families as well as a good group of friends so there is always something going on as well as having great support in return.

We met in 2018 through online dating. Our first date, which was supposed to just be a quick drink turned into us being married just about a year later. It is amazingly true, when you meet the right person, it just works! We are a fun-loving couple and complement each other well. Pat is a curious soul and very patient. Molly is driven and very nurturing. Our favorite past time above all is making each other laugh.

We always envisioned having kids of our own one day. Early on in our relationship we talked about how being parents was something we wanted to do. Because we met in our late 30s, we knew the odds were already against us for having a biological child, so whenever we talk about having kids, adoption was already part of that conversation as one of the paths for becoming parents. The fact that Patrick’s mother was adopted, and it was a very positive experience, also made the idea of adoption familiar. She has been a great resource throughout this journey as we learned more about adopting and could ask her what things were like from her perspective. In many ways it feels like we were always meant to do this. We both have a lot of love in our hearts, and we know there is a child out there that we are meant to meet someday.

Again, thank you for your consideration. We are open to whatever contact you feel comfortable with.  If you choose us, please know that your child will always be the most important thing in our lives. We hope we can share this journey with you and wish you the best in making your decision.


Patick and Molly