Joe & Lauren

Oct 10, 2022

Hello we are Giachinno (Joe) and Lauren, a couple that is very excited about starting our journey to grow our family. We met via an online dating site in 2012 and have been in love ever since. Our path together has seen us through adventures, smiles, laughs and the occasional bouts of sorrow. Through it all we have only grown stronger and closer together. We look forward to sharing this bond while growing our family.

When not selling insurance Lauren can be found riding her horse, reading a good book, baking something yummy, or just laughing and having fun. Joe spends his days working as an engineer but when not working is usually found riding a bike, fishing, being active or relaxing to a movie or video game in the evening to recharge his batteries. Most evenings we can also be found taking our dog Penny for a long walk around the neighborhood. If not with Penny we are cuddling with our cat Sasha who allows us to live in her house. We have enjoyed many adventures together including a 335 mile bike trip from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, yearly vacations with Lauren’s family, and several trips to the Upper Peninsula. We also have a constant ongoing friendly rivalry as Lauren is a staunch supporter of Pittsburgh sports teams (Go Steelers!) while Joe remains a faithful follower of Detroit sports teams (Go Lions!).

Despite life’s ups and downs our families always find a way to come together. We look forward to including a new addition to our family in all the traditions we enjoy throughout the year. We are fortunate to have several members of Joe’s family live in close proximity. This makes family visits a regular occurrence in our lives. Lauren’s family all reside outside of Michigan which gives us a great opportunity to travel and explore new things.

Friends play an important role in our lives as we enjoy game nights, little get togethers around a bonfire, dinners, and other outings such as the Renaissance Festival. As our friend’s families have grown we have been there to support them on their path into parenthood. We are confident that they will be just as willing to participate in our venture as parents.

We appreciate the time you have invested in reading this brief summary about us. We understand it’s difficult to gain a full perspective into our lives from this brief blurb, but we hope we have provided you with a glimpse. We look forward to the chance to meet with you and learn about your life, as well as answer any questions that come to mind.

Thank you so much for considering us in this important decision.

Lauren and Joe