Chris and Christopher

May 19, 2022

We are Chris x 2 and Annalise and nothing in the world would make us happier than expanding our family and welcome another child. We want to thank you for your strength and courage in considering going through the adoption process.

Here is a little bit about our story….

Chris (on the right) was born and raised in Indiana. Working in education for over twenty years, working with thousands of students, he lends a creative mind and a sense of calmness and reason to our marriage. He is also just completed an advanced degree in educational leadership. With his experience with children at work, he will undoubtedly be a great father.

The other Chris (on the left) was born and raised here in Michigan. He currently works for an advertising agency in Project Management. He enjoys being in the kitchen trying new recipes and loves decorating our house for the different holidays. He has, in the recent past, volunteered on the board of the local PFLAG (Parents/Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) support organization. He is a nurturer and will be a wonderful father.
We met in 2012 when Chris moved here to pursue a teaching position at a local high school. In 2014 we got engaged and then married in 2016. Building a life together and welcoming Annalise into our family in 2019, adopted through Morningstar, has been a wonderful experience. Getting the chance parent together has been the most exciting part of our lives.

We are very close with our families and friends who we see often. With Chris working in education, we have a tremendous amount of love and support from a wonderful community. It is a great place to live as there are parks where we frequently take Annalise, schools, shops, and restaurants all within walking distance from our house.

Both of us has loved being parents and are excited at the possibility of growing our family. We both knew from the start of our relationship that having a family was very important to us. We want to thank you for considering us. If you have any further questions or want to opportunity to meet us please contact Morning Star and ask about Chris x2 & Annalise.

Chris, Chris & Annalise