Jackie and Zac – ADOPTED

May 19, 2022

Hello! We are Jackie and Zac, and we are so happy that you have taken time to learn about us. We are very excited to welcome a child into our lives, and we appreciate you giving us an opportunity to be considered as adoptive parents for your child. We see the love and courage that goes into making this decision, and we want you to know that even if we do not meet you, we support you wholeheartedly.

We met through a mutual friend in 2017 and have been enjoying the randomness and goofiness of each other since then. We got married in 2019 and brought our dog Kip into our family in 2020. Our family is our number one priority, and we enjoy spending time with them and our friends any chance we get. We love to throw and attend themed parties and find ourselves in ridiculous costumes often. We are always looking to try new things, visit new places, and partake in new challenges. We travel to new states/countries a few times a year, and love to spend time up north. We have successfully taken on a lot of home improvement projects and are not sick of Home Depot yet.

Jackie is an old lady in a millennial’s body, considering she loves game shows, reading, and talking about history. Zac is always on the move and loves going to sporting events and playing sports himself. Together, we love to have game nights, even when they get competitive, go hiking, and relax on the couch watching movies and TV shows. Our dog Kip enjoys outings with us as well, and he is very good with babies and small children.
Zac is very quick-witted, level headed, fun, and outgoing. He is constantly making people laugh and is always willing to try new things. Jackie is extremely loving, creative, dependable, and cultured. She goes above and beyond for everyone she meets and always adds value to every situation.

Zac graduated from Oakland University and works as a risk compliance specialist at a bank. Jackie graduated from Grand Valley and Wayne State and works as a mental health therapist in private practice. Our jobs provide flexibility to give us a healthy work/life balance.

We are so excited to have a child join our family, and our extended family is just as excited as we are. We cannot wait for the day we get to give our hearts unconditionally to our child, and we are more than ready to give that love to our child’s birth mother/family as well, if interested.

We are so grateful that you took the time to get to know us a little more, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our thoughts are with you throughout this journey and as you make your decision. We hope to hear from you soon!