Jeff & Danielle

Aug 31, 2023

Hi there! We are Jeff and Danielle and we are so excited to become parents and to welcome a child into our home and family! Thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile to learn more about us. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be considered as you think about making an adoption plan for your child.

Our story began when we met in our early 20’s, and we have been together ever since! We are complete opposites yet perfect for each other.  We love and cherish each other deeply and it’s the curveballs in life that have made us even stronger as a couple! Should our paths merge with yours, we will extend the same love and commitment to you and your child.

We have wanted to start a family for a while now but have struggled with fertility issues for several years. After a lot of thought and reflection, we knew that adoption was the right path for us. Because we have been planning for a family for some time, we already have a full nursery set up for baby-to-be!

Those closest to Danielle would describe her as outgoing, silly, smart, empathic, kind, caring, a deep thinker and feeler, and a person who has the biggest heart and is the best listener. Danielle has been a therapist working with pregnant moms, parents and caregivers with infants and young children for about 12 years. Her focus in on the parent child relationship and holding space for all that comes with being a parent, the highs, the lows, and all of the in between.

Jeff is funny, calm, reliable, levelheaded, organized, caring, and a sports lover! Jeff is a senior logistics engineer and has been working in the field for 20 years.

We love being outdoors, traveling to new places, laying out by our pool, cooking and trying new foods and spending time with family and friends. Everyone in our lives are beyond excited to watch our family grow through adoption.

We will bring all of who we are to every stage of parenting. Your child will be the light of our lives. They will live in a home where all feelings are welcomed, and they will always feel seen, safe and accepted. We will parent with love, kindness, patience and forgiveness.

Your child will grow up knowing that all they need to be in this world is themselves. Who you are and their adoption story will forever be a part of who your child is, and who they are will always be celebrated! Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us.