Jason & Ryan

Jul 11, 2023

We’re Jason and Ryan, and we are so excited to become parents!

We have been together since 2017 and got married in 2022. Our careers allow us the flexibility to work from home full-time. Jason works as a technology consultant, and Ryan is at a software company. Our dog doesn’t mind this schedule, since it means lunchtime walks to one of our four local parks.

Jason is a native Michigander and attended MSU. When Jason isn’t working on a home project, he loves to plan our next trip, go camping, or look into the latest tech gadget.
Ryan has a background working with children with five years in daycare and a master’s degree in early childhood development. Ryan loves hosting our friends and family for pool parties, outdoor movies, game nights, and decorating the house for every holiday.

We are lucky to have many local family members and long-time friends (many with small children) ready and eager to welcome a baby. We prioritize time spent with family and see each other a few times a month (we tend to be the favorite Uncles since we have a pool).
We believe in letting a child grow into their own person and providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment. We know how important it is to do the work through all the stages of a child’s development and the importance of stability.

As you review the pictures below, we hope you get a feel for us and the community of family and friends that are bursting with excitement to surround a baby with love, laughter, and adventure as they grow. Thank you for learning about our family.

Jason and Ryan