Adam & Katie

Jul 11, 2023

Hello! We are Katie and Adam, and along with our five-year-old daughter, Virginia, and our pup Ella, we are so excited to grow our family! We would like to thank you for your courage in considering adoption. We are here for you and your child throughout this process and beyond.

Adam and Katie met while working together at an elementary school. After Adam had to notify Katie of a few consecutive snow days one winter, we finally ended up on a first date! We realized that we both loved traveling and experiencing other cultures. We started traveling together and experienced Puerto Rico, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico. After dating for five years, we got married in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2016. We decided to continue our travel adventures by moving to Austin, Texas. We spent four years teaching there and exploring the city, but once our daughter turned two, we decided to move back to Michigan to enjoy more family support.

We now live in a diverse community with many activities for children. We love our snow hill for sledding in the winter, and in the spring and summer, we play soccer, tee-ball, and frequent the library. We also enjoy the many street fairs and celebrations that our community hosts. Our local elementary school is being rebuilt right now, and the students will transition to the brand-new building in the fall of 2024. Katie is a 4th-8th grade ESL teacher and Adam is a middle school assistant principal. This allows us to spend a lot of family time together in the summer months and on school breaks. We love traveling with Ginny on our breaks. She has been to Jamaica, and many of the National Parks here in the U.S. This summer our road trip will be to Maine, through some beautiful cities in Canada.

We have a wonderful family support system here in Michigan. Adam’s mother was adopted as an infant and just recently learned who her birth mother was. Adam’s niece was also adopted at birth and recently connected with our family. We spend many afternoons at Adam’s sister’s house in her backyard garden while the cousins all run around and play. Everyone in the family fully supports our decision to adopt. We would love to have an open adoption so that your child knows who and where they came from since birth. Katie’s family is also fully supportive of adoption. Virginia is the only grandchild so far and she gets a lot of love and attention from Katie’s parents. We spend many summer days swimming in their pool and having dinners on their back patio. We are more than ready to add another little one to our family!

We have a great situation for the birth of a new child. Katie will be able to take 12 weeks of parental leave, plus she’ll have the summer months off. Adam will be able to take a few weeks of parental leave as well, with time in the summer off too. Once Katie goes back to work, her parents will be able to watch the baby until they are ready for preschool.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our family. We promise to cherish your child, love them unconditionally, and support them through the good times, as well as the difficult times. Your child will be safe, healthy, happy, and loved as a member of our family.