Mark & Kayla

Jun 1, 2023

Dear Expectant Parent,

Hello. We’re Mark and Kayla.

We can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now; but whatever the emotions may be, we want you to know that you’re loved and cared for as you consider making an adoption plan for your child. We want to thank you for your consideration. Please know, if you choose us to parent your child, they will be given unconditional love and support, and you will always be part of their lives. We intend to be open with any child that is placed with us about his/her adoption story, and we are open to maintaining contact with you.

Kayla was born in Illinois, and Mark was born right here in Michigan. We met in early 2018, were engaged in early 2019, and married before the year was out! Since then, we have built our dream house and have worked tirelessly to make it into a cozy home that was ready for us to expand our family. Together we enjoy spending time with our families and friends (near and far), performing in local community theater productions, going to see professional theater, ballroom dancing, and spending time at home relaxing with our kitties, Cera and Athena. We always enjoy traveling and experiencing new places, histories, and cultures. We’ve created the tradition of making a summer trip to Mackinac Island every year, and we regularly travel around the country to visit family members.

Both of us are also passionate about our careers; Kayla teaches English as a second language to k-12 students and Mark is an engineer for a major automotive company.

Since the start, we both knew we wanted to be parents, and adoption was always a first choice for us. Adoption has always been part of Kayla’s life through friends and family who each have their own unique adoption stories, so it was a no-brainer for her to consider growing her family this way. Mark really wanted to be a father and is beyond excited to expand our family through adoption. Our families and friends are very supportive of this journey and we stepped into and excited to be called Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle, and the like.

We promise that any child that is placed with us will be loved and supported unconditionally, will know their adoption story, and will be given the opportunity to know you.

Thank you for taking time to learn about us. If you would like to get to know us better, our profile is available through Morning Star Adoption Center.