Ryan & Alice – ADOPTED

Dec 28, 2022

Hello! We’re Alice and Ryan, and we appreciate you taking the time to view our profile. We know that whatever choice you make, you’re making it out of love for your child.

We‘ve been together for 12 years and married for 8. We work in public health (Alice) and finance (Ryan) and are both passionate about what we do. We love spending time with our daughter, going for walks, traveling, watching movies, and the occasional game of chess.  Alice is an avid reader and basket weaver, while Ryan is passionate about baseball.

Our daughter joined our family through adoption when she was born in 2020. We love being her parents more than anything. She is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet and loves dancing, reading, going for walks, and swimming. She lights up any room she enters. She loves babies and is excited to be a big sister. We’re engaged in an open adoption with our daughter’s birth family and hope to have the same with our next child.  We would welcome as much communication as you are comfortable with.

Being parents is the most important and rewarding part of our lives. As parents, we will always guide our children with empathy, open communication, and unconditional love. Our children will always know how cherished and safe they are with us.  We work hard to foster a diverse and inclusive environment that will allow our children to flourish and be their authentic selves.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. We have so much respect for you and the journey you are on. We know that whatever choice you make will be out of love.



Alice, Ryan, and Audrey (2)