Armand and Josh – ADOPTED

May 19, 2022

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! We are Armand and Josh! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and get to know us. We admire your courage as you explore the possibilities of adoption. Becoming fathers is something we both have dreamed about since childhood. We are ecstatic to grow our family and feel blessed to have a relationship based on love, laughter, fantastic food and even better music!

We have been a couple since 2013 and got married in 2018. Although both of us have serious careers (Josh, Commercial Producer for major mortgage provider and Armand, Global Marketing Manager for an automotive brand) we try to never take ourselves too seriously and find the bright side in hard situations.

We are extremely close to the people around us and lucky to call them family. Both sides of our family are excited to add a new member to the crew! This baby will be welcomed by one first cousin with 2 more on the way, 3 Aunties and 4 Uncles and VERY loving grandparents. With more extended family than a baby could keep up with.

We are lucky to have supportive friends that have been in our lives for over 20 years, majority with small children and ready to take on Uncle and Auntie duties. These people have helped and continue to help us navigate the world, taking the step to parenthood will be no different. When we are all together, we spend too much time laughing, loving, playing board games, boating and listening to our favorite records. Our stories are built in these people we hold dear to our hearts. We are fortunate to live 25 minutes from many of close friends with young children and dependable family members that are anticipating this baby’s arrival. Being this close to many loved ones will allow us to raise this baby surrounded around unconditional love.

After years of searching our hearts and souls, we can confidently state we are finally ready to expand our family. We truly believe that adoption is how we were meant to grow our family. For us, adoption is not accidental or second to a biological baby. We understand becoming a parent is a tremendous undertaking, but sharing our love, community and values while watching them grow into their best self will be worth every moment. Love Makes a Family!