Jen and Kelsey – ADOPTED

Sep 12, 2022


We’re Jen and Kelsey, along with cats Peeta, Katniss, and Tucker, and husky pup Finn. We would like to thank you for your time as you get to know us, and let you know how much we admire your courage as you figure out the option that works best for you!

We met at the gym back in 2018. We believe the strength in our relationship truly comes from the time we spent as best friends, learning each other and helping each other navigate through different personal situations in our lives.

Kelsey is known for setting goals and reaching them. Besides being a part time private personal trainer, she is currently working towards her Bachelor’s in Secondary Education while maintaining a position as a substitute teacher at Birmingham Public Schools. Jen has spent her entire career with Birmingham Public Schools, teaching upper level Spanish at Groves High School. Needless to say, we enjoy spending time together. Most of our mornings are spent driving to work together, where there is an amazing day care, so we hope to soon be spending our mornings driving in as a family of three.

Jen is a true lover of the outdoors, and anything that has to do with learning. No day is started better than with a morning coffee and a book to read, and afternoons you can find her outside naming the different birds in our yard, or on the local mountain bike trails. At night you can find her cleaning up some mess Kelsey made as she tries out new recipes she’s found.

Together we are known for our love of family and friends. While Kelsey’s family is mostly in the Western New York area where she grew up (Go Bills!), through frequent phone calls and visits, we feel like we don’t miss a beat. We also enjoy attending concerts and local seasonal festivals with Jen’s family who live in the area. We often find any reason to get together with our loved ones, but we have to say that nothing is quite as warming as the holidays we all get to spend together, usually a mix of both Jen and Kelsey’s family, no matter who is the host.

One of the last things to describe us is our love for an active lifestyle. We do our best to hit the gym five times a week, and we play on a co-ed hockey team, along with a co-ed flag football team. We also like to bike regularly. As you navigate your personal path and figure out what decision is best for you and your child, know we admire your strength. We have so much love to give should you decide to choose us to parent your child. Please reach out to Morning Star Adoption to view our profile or visit our instagram at